Artistic traditional Caligraphy by Khalid Siddiqui

Khalid Mahmood Siddiqui is a Pakistani Calligrapher and creative professional, born in Lahore Pakistan. He is the son of famous calligrapher Mahmood Ullah Siddiqui, who was the student of the renowned pioneer of new tradition in calligraphy Abdul Majeed Perveen Raqam. Having inherited the artistic expression from his father, he started practicing and learning traditional calligraphy along with his formal education.

He was mentored by his father Mahmood Ullah Siddiqui along with renewed calligrapher Shafiq Uz Zaman (the calligrapher of Masjid-e-Rasool Allah in madinah Almunawarah). He completed his bachelor of arts while starting his professional career as calligrapher before he shifted to Saudia Arabia, he worked as senior calligrapher in a daily Nawai-Waqt Karachi. He also participated in the first Art Binnall of Pakistan held 1987. He participate many group exhibitions in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

His work is mainly classical, highlighting the traditional artistic form of calligraphy with a highly innovative and origional form of composition and a unique combination of Sulus and Nastaliq (Farsi). His singular contribution to traditional artistic expression makes him an unmistakable calligrapher and professional in his field.